Aurora Primary School Lighting the Way to a Brighter Future Through Christ Centred Education

What We're Doing
The Story of Aurora


The children of Aurora are blessed to have two places they call home – one with their family in Ivory Park, and one at school in Bapsfontein. Each week they board in the homely hostel. Life is a happy hum of activities between morning and evening devotions with farm animals to be fed, vegetable gardens to be tended, duties to be done and homework to be completed. The library is available for reading, and the playground an open invitation to play sports.

During its 16 years of existence, Aurora has grown from 12 children to 170 in 2010 and 99 in 2014. It functions as a primary school with combined classes. With experienced teachers and volunteers. Education is in English and the children are encouraged to make use of the library to develop a love of reading and proficiency in English.

One of the advantages of a hostel school is the opportunity children have of getting involved in various interesting activities. The nativity play is a highlight each year, when they perform for the audience. A drumming workshop was arranged in 2005 for everyone to try their hand at traditional African drums. Each year, the school hosts a Christmas in July event for supporters, and the children performed a delightful selection of songs. Interaction between Aurora and other schools is also arranged, with visits by The Ridge school to join Aurora in creating a prayer garden. Choir events, handwork, drama team visits, inter-school sports and art production for various events are a few more of the activities. Our main fundraiser is our “Stay Awake Event”, this occurs twice a year, the children raise money to stay away for 24 hours and various activities are arranged and food made for the children to eat and take part in during the night. Each week the child who brings in the most money wins a prize and at the end of the stay awake the two children who brought in the most money win a big prize, one child from the Intersen phase and one from the Foundation phase, this year (March 2014) they each won a brand new mountain bicycle. This event the children really enjoy and look forward to part taking in all the activities.

As Aurora is a non-subsidised independent school, the onus is on the parents to pay school fees, and everyone helps to generate funds. Tombola stalls, tuck sales, jumble sales and competitions are arranged throughout the year. Corporate sponsors are approached for specific development needs such as buildings and equipment. In this regard, a computer room was set up during 2006, the children attended computer classes but now the computer room has been decommissioned as all the computers were outdated and now we need new computers.

With so much development, it is important to recognise that Aurora is a Christian school completely reliant on God for the provision of every need. Children are encouraged to develop a personal faith in God, and Bible devotions are an integral part of daily life.

Aurora means light, and at this simple home-away-from home, an environment has been created that is conducive to all round personal growth and development. Every child is special to us and we trust that Aurora will light the way to a bright and fulfilling future for every one entrusted to us.