Aurora Primary School Lighting the Way to a Brighter Future Through Christ Centred Education

Prayer Needs


Would you consider partnering with us in prayer, for our needs?

  • Pray that each and every child to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ
  • For wisdom and that we as leaders will continue to hear the Lords voice and do His will
  • Pray for teams that come through Aurora’s doors that we will have an impact on them and they, in return, on us.
  • Pray for hands to serve:

⁃ Hands to assist teachers in the classroom
⁃ Hands to assist with children in the afternoons – aftercare
⁃ Hands to assist with boarding needs
⁃ Hands to assist us with our library
⁃ Skills to develop clubs like chess, needlework, computer etc. – be creative
⁃ Help with preparing meals, baking bran muffins (this can be done in the comfort in your home)

  • Pray that the schemes of satan will be disbanded amongst our children – we have found an increase of cultural activities taking place and children loose valuable school hours.
  • Pray for proactive parents that will then change a child’s life, a  community, even a nation positively.
  • Pray that the Lord will continue to provide all our needs from staff to finances