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Donations and gifts


Consider Donating to a Specific Need:

You can also consider donating a set amount each month starting at $20 and more

Jumble and Tombola - We can make use of anything in your home or office - kitchen ware, curtains, linen, toys, bathroom goodies, clothing and everything not mentioned. Please make sure that these goods are in working condition and not broken. As many of our kids struggle to pay school fees and to keep uniformity, subsidies are constantly needed to help our children with the following needs:

School Needs - Each of the children need the same as your child in your home for school – Books, text books, stationary, book bag, break time lunch, school uniform, school shoes, pocket money, school fees and so the list goes on ….

Mobile classrooms needed - 4 x double classrooms with a small store for each class at a cost of R350,000.00 each (total R1.4 million) at current April 2014 prices.

Boarding Needs - Each child need the same as your child in your home – Toiletries, towel, sleeping clothes, sleeping bag, pillow, bed, medium size tog bag, boarding fees, 3 meals a day, care, love and so the list goes on ….

Teachers needed - Currently 3 teachers are needed for both Junior and Senior phases. – add this just before “sponsor a teacher”

Sponsor a Teacher - Bless our teachers with a small bonus. - Sponsor a teacher’s salary or a part of it for a period of 3, 6, 9, 12 months or more. Volunteer Support - We would like to help our volunteers with some of their financial expense by serving at Aurora. A return trip to Aurora is approximately 80 km. If they do it 5 time a week, that’s 400 km which is an expensive volunteer job. The volunteer staff gets used as extra hands in the classrooms. 

Should you wish to make a financial contribution, consider a monthly donation from as little as $10 per month.

    • Monthly accounts are kept and audited annually.
    • Specified monies are used for projects or items that donors request.
    • Invoices, photos and receipts are issued to the donor as proof of the use of these funds – with a progress report.
    • On completion of projects, site visits are encouraged for donors.
    • Fundraising monies are either for operational costs or for specific projects.